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Food is not just a meal, its an experience...

People often refer to food as a piece of art, and it is. But it's mainly focused on the design, the color contrasts, portions, etc. We often dismiss the little things such as smell, texture or what that first bite reminds you of. While a meal is a regular necessity, an experience is what that first bite triggers. It’s that favorite restaurant you’ve visited, or what grandma used to cook for you, or where dad took you when you were younger. The first taste or that first sip, it is that happy place.  At Flavor, we create our menus around what our client loves, their favorite dishes or ingredients and try to incorporate our own flair. 

Meet the Chef

It's true when people say, "It all started in grandma's kitchen"

One of my fondest memories is waking up to grandma's freshly cooked oatmeal with milk, some cinnamon and sugar.  Such a simple thing, yet, to this day when I smell anything remotely close, it brings me back to being 5 years old.  


"Sooner or later we all come back home".  With that memory in mind, I had the desire to create flavorful food that's comforting yet refined with an upscale feel, but without losing the most important ingredients...passion and culture. 

Chef Victor Antonio


Full course meals prepared from scratch either on site as long as there is a prep and cooking station

Grilling, roasting, bartending at client's site

Prepare cook and serve seated dinners, buffets, and passed hors d’oeuvres

Private Chef

Cocktail Hour

Event Catering

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