Meet the Chef

I’ve always had a passion for food. I enjoy working with different ingredients and creating dishes that anyone can relate to.

My inspiration is my family, my heritage and my grandmother, whom I watched cook every day.

On every dish I create, there is something from my upbringing growing up on a farm, feeding the chickens and cows, picking fresh fruits and veggies from the garden.

I will never compromise on Flavor and promise to deliver delicious and nutritious original dishes.

Food is not just a meal,
its an experience...

People often refer to food as a piece of art, and it is. But it's mainly focused on the design, the color contrasts, portions, etc. We often dismiss the little things such as smell, texture or what that first bite reminds you of. While a meal is a regular necessity, an experience is what that first bite triggers. It’s that favorite restaurant you’ve visited, or what grandma used to cook for you, or where dad took you when you were younger. The first taste or that first sip, it is that happy place.  At Flavor, we create our menus around what our client loves, their favorite dishes or ingredients and try to incorporate our own flair.